Saturday, 12 April 2014

Healthy Life Balanced ( Hidup Sehat Seimbang )

balanced or pretty ? ,
of the above expression is no less or no more fitting when interpreted , there is less and there is also more dependent individual is life .
below is an overview for a balanced life or enough so that mental health and mind awake .
  •     First , Prayer
  •     Second , think positive
  •     Third , physical hygiene
  •     Fourth , sports
  •     fifth , charity

such as :
  •     good food such as : carrots , sprouts , cucumber , banana , papaya . reduce fat , preservatives ,
  •     drink water at least 3 times the size of the glasses are in a day and ( eating and drinking after a bowel movement the morning) ; afternoon and evening before going to bed and stay away from drinks that damage your physical
  •     small bowel and regular
  •     sports 2x in one week , such as : starting with the warm-up, sit- ups , push- ups , running in place , the road in place using reflection bulge sandals wood or plastic maximal exercise time 1 hour .
  •     gargle - gargle after eating a large or small with water , a span of 45 minutes after a big meal before a toothbrush ; toothbrush 2 x morning and evening.
  •     Regular bathing and when required
  •     prayer after getting out of bed in the morning
  •     charity both material and non- material for one another and especially to the family pet .

note :
This overview guide to the age of 17 years to adulthood is not recommended for pain that prohibits certain ; associated with the corresponding guide above . above as a guide to the prevention and maintenance of your health . visit the website of one reliable source of information for the wikipedia description of the above reference guide